google address verification

google address verification:-To receive Adsense payments You need first verify your Adsense account by verification latter. 
google address verification
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How To Receive Adsense Address Verification?

Hello, Friends welcome you to another new post in today's post. I will tell you that if you have $10 AdSense account then you'll come to a letter from the Adsense.
Friends Adsense sent you this latter so that can verify it and let them know that it is the person you and you are getting the payment no fraud at the hands of the Adsense.
So, guys, this letter gets receive you in four-five days, it can take 12 days if your location is not good you are living in a village, or you'll get this minimum letter in 10 days.
So friends will get you a letter then you will now be able to open AdSense then you need to go to settings and click on Payment after you click on the verification you are dialing the code to you has been given in the letter.
After you enter the code you will then be able to verify the query in 3 hours so that your account has been verified and able to receive all payments.

What Should We Do If Google Address Verification latter Not receive?

friends if you did not verify your Adsense account, then you will have w8 3-month so that verify your account with the ID Card then it comes only after 3 months.
Friends If you do not find the letter, you will have to capture a front-side photo of your identity card and then click on your document and put your photo in the document and then click on the verification and you'll receive mail in 3 hours. That your AdSense account has been Verified.
So guys, if your account verified with ID Card Then You Receive payment every month.

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