Google Adsense Approval

google adsense approval:-We make our website for writing blogs but if we earn earn some from blogg then its not bad its good then learn how we apply for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Approval

google adsense approval

Hello friends in this post today i`m going tell you how you can apply for Google AdSense in your website/blog!
Submit Url in Google Web Console

Why We apply for Google Adsense Approval?

Guys we make our website for writing blogs but if we earn earn some from blog then its not bad its good there why we apply for google adsense. After writing some posts friends you will see Google AdSense Apply button then let us know ho to add it.  
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How To Apply for Google Adsense Approval?

Friends we will have the option of earn in your blog right after you click it you just have to sign up for Google AdSense with your Gmail ID and then you'll be create an ad unit HTML code then type ad unit name and ad unit type which type of ad unit like tex ad unit or image ad unit or tex&images then copy the code and come back to your blog then come to layout then click on add a gadget then html and past the code there then you are able to show the ads then you get start getting paid from google in every 22 date.but first blog will review your google then it will give you approval and it will take more than one week or in one day depend on your content whic type of your contant is copyrighted or fresh if your contant is fresh then it will take only one.
 So guys then you can start making money and run ads-on on your website/blog.
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