How To Create admob account

How To Create admob account

How to create admob account is common and protected way to make moneh online. so gys for creating admob account open your browser and then admob then sign in with your gmail id.then you see three options like this.

 So first you need to click on first option 
1:-country or territory.
Then Select your country.
2:-Time Zone.
Select your Time Zone.
3:-Billing Currency.
Select your blling currency.
After this read admob privacy policy. after reading privacy policy tick on box and click on create admob account.

 After you see some tips from admob account is given then it's your choice to select yes or no. Then click on continue to admob.

 After you see the main page of your admob account then you click on sidebar and go to the admob account payments after click on manage payment.

 wright your correct address then submit it. Thats all after google review your admob account after 1-2 hour your admob account will be opened and then create apps and start making money i will upload app developing posts so comment us below and share this post with your friends thanks for reading.

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