Make money on fiverr

Make money on fiverr

Make money on fiverr
Make Money on fiverr

What is fiverr?

fiverr is a trusted platform where we sell our goods and make money through it.

How To Select Fiverr category?

First for making money on fiverr, Friends You have to select a category before the friends you have an account of fiverr. I have three categores that can make your work better.

First category:-So friends This is three category the first of them is category designs and photography it is a most popular and common category and best to make a big earning.

Second category:-There are the second category on fiverr writings and translation which is most searchable category in google so it is easy to make money.

Third category:-Friends third category's Animation & videos friends from this category you can also make a good earning and also take up more quantity orders on fiverr.

How to create fiverr account?

Guys now you have to create your fiverr account and you will have to write a good fiverr name of your account and have written a description about your category.

How to get traffic for selling your orders?

Friends then we will have to create any order depend on your category then you need to get traffic    for selling your products and make money. on fiverr
So friends fo traffic, you'll need to rank your product link in Google then you can get more good orders and also good income generate.

Friends If you need more orders on fiverr then you need to create backlinks on order URL, So that you can get as much orderst as possible and you can also get good profit.

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