Submit Url in Google Web Console

Submit Url in Google Web Console

Submit Url in Google Web Console

Hello Friends welcome to another post today in which post I'll tell you how you can add your website to the Google Web console and how you can bring traffic to your website by Google Web console!.

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Why we Submit Url in Google Web Console?

So guys we do add our website to the search console so that google can know how many posts we have on our website and where-where to find which titles we have posted etc.

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Submit Url in Google Web Console

How To Submit Url in Google Web Console?

So friends we submitted our website in the previous post to Webmaster tools, So in this post  friends we'll submit our website in  Google web console and then we'll also get traffic from it. First you need to open your blog.
Then friends we will click on the setting, then you can click on the search preferences and you'll see the Google Search console's name, and you'll be click to edit the button.
After clicking on the button  Friends you will get to see a new tab where you will have to paste the link of your website in add to search console button, as if you click on the address website and you past website to it and then it will be connected to the web console.
So friends then we have to click on youe site, simple then you'll probably be able to show you the website, then you'll have the option of a save arrengment on blog there, then you have to click on it, and then you have done.
So guys in this way we can Submit Url in Google Web Console and it can bring traffic from your  Google Web Console to your website.

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