Submit Url to Webmaster Tools

Submit Url To Webmaster Tools

Submit Url to Webmaster Tools

Hello Friends today in this post I'm going to tell you how you can submit your website to Webmaster Tools start this post.

Why We Submit Url to webmaster Tools?

Guys we submit our website to Webmaster tools so that Google can analysis our web pages and then help to rank our website in Google and it's a best way to get more traffic by webmaster tools.

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Submit Url to Webmaster Tools

How to Submit Url to webmaster Tools?

So guys have to open Google first to submit you to your website in webmaster tools, then you'll need to search there webmaster tools followed by the first website to click on it.After you've clicked on the first site, you'll need to login with your Gmail ID there and then you'll have the option of add property in there and then you paste your website's home URL on it.As soon as the website Submit, you'll get an HTML code that you need to go to your blog/website and click on the theme, then you have to click on edit HTM.L soon as you click Edit HTML, you will then have a head and you have to paste the HTML code below it and then click Save Settings and come back to the webmaster tools and the one you want to add Your website will be set up if you click the verify.

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