Google Play Developer Account

Google Play Developer Account:- Hello Guys You all know about Google Play Developer Account this is a key through it we publish our app in play store.
Google Play Developer Account

Why we buy Google Play Developer Account?

Guys, we buy Google Play Developer Account for publishing our app on play store, if you are a developer and you have knowledge about app creating then you should buy it.
it is a product of Google and a good way to make money by publishing apps on play store.

How to buy a Developer account?

Guys, first of all, you need a credit card or debit card.
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron

So friends if you have any of these cards then you easily buy Google Play Developer Account by just paying them only 25$ Dollars.

How to Publish an app on Google Play Developer Account?

So friends you all done after buying developer account now friends you have to create an app which simple and easy guys there many websites and apps which provide us facility to make a special and unique app or game, sites and apps like.

Websites To create app and game.
  1. Thunkable
  2. Appybuilder
  3. Kodular
Apps to create games and apps.
  1. Android Studio
  2. Unity
  3. And Other many more I don't remember their names (sorry).
After Creating Apps Or games then go to Google Play Developer Account and then click on create an app and then write and upload some items like.
  • Upload App
  • Upload App Screen Shots
  • Write App Short Description
  • Write App Lng Description
  • Set App Rating
  • (Finally)Rool Out It.
And then Guys in this way after filling everything you can upload an app and then earn money through it.

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